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When I bought my first home, I had a real estate agent lead me through the entire home-buying process. This made it simple and easy for me. However, when it came time to choose a homeowners insurance policy, I became very confused about what made up a good policy. I started by doing a lot of online research into what homeowners insurance features were needed in my area and then finally called an agent who led me step-by-step through choosing the policy that was best for me and my home. I learned a lot during my research and time spent talking to my agent. I have also learned a lot about other types of insurance over the years, so I thought I would start a helpful blog all about insurance. I enjoy helping others, so come back often for new tips!


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Reasons To Consider Telematics When Shopping For Auto Insurance

If you are looking for a way to save money on auto insurance, one option is to turn to telematics. This is the use of devices to monitor driving habits, track speed and collect other forms of data that are meant to show that you are a safe driver. Not every auto insurance provider offers this, so you'll need to speak with multiple insurance providers to find out if they offer this option.

One of the problems that auto insurance providers face is that they don't know which drivers are skilled drivers. There may be some data available, such as the number of accidents a driver has been involved in, but it's not enough to determine precisely how good the motorist is as a driver. However, a black box provides data on how well you are driving. Telematics is especially useful for parents since they can find out how well their teenagers are driving.

Implementing Telematics

Your driving can, fortunately, be tracked using a mobile app or a device that you place in your car. This allows motorists to make changes in how they drive, which can lead to safer roads. When motorists do not drive safely, they may see a spike in their insurance premiums.

Overcoming Past Convictions

If you have had a history of convictions, but you have made changes to your driving habits, you may use telematics to overcome this barrier. By proving that you are driving more safely, you will be able to avoid making mistakes that would make insurance providers less willing to insure you.

Accessing Data

Telematics can provide you with useful information. For example, you can find out how many miles you drive and you may use this as a way to reduce expenses. Telematics will also inform you about how often you brake. Making changes to how you drive may not only lower your insurance premium but may also help you maintain your vehicle.

Receiving Rewards

Even if you have a great driving record, you may be able to benefit from telematics because you may receive rewards for safe driving. This most often comes in the form of discounts. Motorists may also receive rewards for not driving late at night and for not making hard stops.


Because telematics allows you to track how many miles you drive, some auto insurance providers are offering a pay-as-you-go model where motorists are charged based on how many miles they drive. Therefore, it's worthwhile to look into telematics when searching for auto insurance.

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