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The Complicated World of Insurance Made Simple

When I bought my first home, I had a real estate agent lead me through the entire home-buying process. This made it simple and easy for me. However, when it came time to choose a homeowners insurance policy, I became very confused about what made up a good policy. I started by doing a lot of online research into what homeowners insurance features were needed in my area and then finally called an agent who led me step-by-step through choosing the policy that was best for me and my home. I learned a lot during my research and time spent talking to my agent. I have also learned a lot about other types of insurance over the years, so I thought I would start a helpful blog all about insurance. I enjoy helping others, so come back often for new tips!


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3 Reasons To Invest In Life Insurance In Your 30s

If you are just entering your 30s, now is a prime time to pick up a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies tend to be more affordable the younger and healthier you are, which is why it makes sense to purchase life insurance when you are younger.

Lock in a Lower Premium

One of the biggest benefits of getting life insurance now is that you are going to lock in a lower premium. The better health you are in, and the younger you are, the less your premium is going to cost you per month.

The great thing about locking in a lower premium is that your premium is not going to increase as you age. You are locking in a low premium for the long-term by getting life insurance now.

Lock in Coverage Before You Are Uninsurable

Second, getting life insurance when you are younger is advantageous because hopefully you will be in good health. If you suffer from a serious sickness, illness, or disability, you may have a lot harder time finding affordable coverage. You may be deemed to be uninsurable by a life insurance carrier. You are more likely to suffer from sickness or illness as you age. If you suffer from a serious sickness or illness once you have already locked in a life insurance policy, the insurance company can't pull your coverage. Your coverage is already guaranteed no matter what challenges you face in life.  

Lock in a Cash Value

If you sign up for a permanent life insurance policy, you can actually access the value of that life insurance policy during your lifetime. When you purchase a life insurance policy that is long-term, the policy has a guaranteed cash value that increases each year. You can access that cash value and use it for important expenses, such as a down payment on a car or a home, or you could use it to help pay off debt. You are building value when you invest in a permanent life insurance policy that you can access during your lifetime.

If you want to protect your and your family's future, invest in a life insurance policy. With a permanent life insurance policy, you are able to lock in a cash value that you can access and use throughout your life. When you pass, your loved ones will have a set amount of money to access from your life insurance policy. Getting insurance when you are younger will ensure that you are not ruled uninsurable due to bad health and will help you lock in a lower and more affordable premium. For more information, contact companies like Reinhardt's Insurance Agency.